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Know your Body fat and Muscle mass

Technology is making complex things simpler.

It is now possible to know the percentage of fat in your body and how body fat decreases or increases as you follow different regimes of work-out.

Although you are putting a lot of effort in losing weight, you actually do not know the amount of fat (which you are trying to cut) in your body.

The main objective of losing weight is to cut on the undesirable fat and increase the muscle mass. But without any standard way to monitor the changes in body fat and muscle mass, it is difficult to truthfully know how you are faring.

At Arimifoods we are looking for modern and better ways to help you live at optimal health naturally without use of artificial chemicals or unknown technologies.  To ensure we remain true to our objective, we have acquired a sophisticated weighing balance that allows you to monitor your body fat in percentage, your muscle mass in percentage and the amount of water in the body. At the same time you will know your body mass index (BMI).

Body mass index is a parameter that shows whether you are under weight, healthy weight, overweight or obese. Above a certain value of BMI sends signals that you should be watching what you eat to keep at healthy weight.

Knowing your body fat and muscle mass helps you to know if you are cutting on the undesirable fat or not.

If you are based in Meru, or passing through Meru and would like to check your body fat, pass through our office at EDFRI Green house (Room G5) next to Uchumi supermarket in Meru town and within seconds, you will know your body fat and muscle mass as well as amount of water in the body and BMI. The weighing balance works exactly like an ordinary bathroom balance and has no side effects.

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