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About Me

As usual, this is the crunch point. I find it not only hard, but difficult to write about myself. This is for obvious reasons; Some will think that I am bragging, others will very interested to know more about me. This will leave me torn between a hard place and a rock. For sure it is not possible to satisfy all of my readers with the information about myself.

I will try, I am not trying to impress you. I am just trying to say who I am.


I took my Bachelor of Science Degree in Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. After My BSc. degree I proceeded to take a MSc degree in Katholieke University Leuven, Belgium. This was followed by another MSc degree in University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland.

Immediately after that I did a PhD degree in Food Science specialising on Microwave heating of snack foods. When people refer to me as Dr. Arimi, I normally pinch myself to confirm that I am a Dr.

Family life

I am a doting husband with a lovely little master.

Website designing

I am totally a novice. But I do better that some of the well trained website designers. I have designed all my websites myself. I think, I will keep doing this as long as I a need a website. The simple reason is that; I can tweak my website any time I want without consulting exorbitant web masters.

My other Websites

I also own and write in the following websites:

On personal development and actualisation, I write at Change Your T

To help Kenyan children with academic resources, I write at Joshuaarimi.com and free kcpe past papers.com

Which platform do I use for my websites.

At the moment, all my websites are running on wordpress. It is free from WordPress.org. The theme I am using is Thesis Theme. It is a premium wordpress theme from DIY.

Why do I write in websites and not newspapers

I am a staunch believer in technology. Newspapers are good for popularity but real stuff is found in websites.

I hope the above info give you an idea of myself. Feel free to read my websites especially Change Your T and you will understand my thinking patterns.

I put my academic knowledge of Food Science in Arimifoods. It worthy your time. Just click on the link.