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Frying chips with hot air instead of fat-Philips airfryer

Everybody likes chips but worry about the fat.  It is now possible to fry chips with hot air instead of fat.

The hot air frying technology delivers healthier chips, ushering in a new era of munching chips without worrying about the dreaded fat-derived calories.

Philips Company that is well known for making Plasma TVs, Music systems and other gadgets has revolutionalised frying of chips by introducing a chips fryer that uses hot air instead of fat.

The Philips airfryer which comes either white or black in colour, promises crispy and tasty chips free of fat. This is sweet music to the ears of chips lovers.

The Philips airfryer secret lies in its patented rapid air technology which combines fast-circulating hot air with a grill to fry chips.

Main features of the air fryer







Photo: Philips Electronics, Closed and open hot airfryer

Rapid air technology

The unit combines a blast of very fast hot air and a grill element to fry foods, snacks, chicken, meat and many more.

Since it only fries with hot air it generates less smells and vapours than traditional frying.

Timer and adjustable temperature control

You don’t have to worry how long to fry your favourite foods, the airfryer has integrated timer and temperature control to pre-set cooking times up to 30 minutes and temperature up to 300 °C.

After just 12 minutes chips are ready and it rings a bell to signal end of cooking period.

The integrated bell simplifies life in that you can concentrate on other chores without worrying about overcooking the chips

Combination of the timer and temperature units guarantees perfect control of cooking time and temperature delivering fried products with the best flavour, colour and crispiness.

Recipe book

Quite often kitchen appliances come without any recipe book leaving a cook into wilderness of guesswork to figure out recipes.

Philips is going out of their way by delivering the unit with a recipe book with 30 easy to follow inspiring recipes for nuggets, fish, cakes, tapas and quiche  all prepared by a culinary expert.

Food separator accessory

The food separator allows the airfryer to fry different foods for the whole family at the same time without mixing them.

Air filter and dish washer safe

To keep away unwanted smells emanating from food, the airfryer has an air filter keeping the kitchen clean and fresh.

Washing is easy with all accessories featuring non-sticky surfaces that are dish washer-safe.

Frequently asked questions


Everything else looks enticing for this Philips air fryer until you see the introduction price early this year which was £200 (Philips.co.uk) or Kshs 25,000, this isn’t a cheap kitchen item for everyone.

Philips has slashed £ 70 pounds off the fryer and it can be bought online from philips.co.uk

How much chips can it fry

The airfryer weighs about 7kg, and can take around 800g of chips which are enough for a family of four.

How does the airfryer compare to oven

The airfryer employs almost similar technology to oven but Philips claims that it delivers tastier chips with satisfying fatty taste compared to oven.

Although the airfryer claims to use hot air, a table spoon of oil is used to give that fatty taste and flavour. This is healthier option than chips dunked in fat.

Which fat to use with airfryer

In their website, Philips advices to use either olive oil, sunflower or peanut oil.

Are there other fryers which use air or less oil?

There is the De’Longhi rotofryer, which cooks by dipping a basket of chips in and out the oil, meaning it can use much less oil than a standard fryer.

There is also the Tefal Actifry, which uses one tablespoon of oil to cook up to a kilogram of chips. It’s chips are more oven-cooked rather than fried. But it also delivers healthier chips with less fat.

Which foods can you cook with Philips air fryer

The airfryer can fry all the nice things such as cakes for just 25 minutes. Others include:

  • Frozen chips, fresh chips
  • Cakes
  • Steak, hamburgers, beefburgers
  • Frozen chicken nuggets
  • Chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken breasts
  • Pizza, cheese sticks


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