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Arimifoods Articles Featured in Daily Nation Newspaper

The following articles appeared in Daily Nation newspaper, the  Kenyan premiere newspaper at different dates. Feel free to download them in the actual form as they appeared in the paper.

  • As the heated debate on the genetically modified foods raged, I scribed one of the well researched and comprehensive article on genetically modified organisms and the science behind the technology. The question that still remains unanswered is, can we do without genetically modified foods? Read on and draw a conclusion.

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  • Alcohol, for a long time has been blamed for the abdomen obesity or bellies in men with the eventual coining of  the term ‘beer belly’.   Who is really to blame for protruding bellies in men, is it beer or could there be other factors? download the article and find out.

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  • Maasai community of East Africa continues to puzzle locals, tourists and scientists in different fronts. Nutritionists are still smarting from the fact that Maasai consume alot of meat and milk which are proven to be risk factors to heart diseases, yet they have the lowest levels of heart diseases. Surprisingly, when a person from Maasai origin leaves the traditional eating habits and adopts modern foods, the troubles begin!.  Read Maasai Paradox and you will be informed and puzzled in the same measure.

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