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NACADA antics: too little, too late and its toll free No. 1192

First I send my sincere condolences to those who lost their beloved ones through recent adulterated  illicit brews.

In the follow up to the death toll, NACADA has put up a very good advert warning people of spirits and other packaged drinks of suspicious origin.

At the end of the TV advert, they give a toll free number  1192 to call to report  any suspicious drink.

Out of curiosity, from the couch of my house,  probably to report suspicious drink in the flask (tea) I tried to call the number but it does not go through.

At first, the recorded voice requested me to hold since the line seemed to be  busy, but, immediately the recorded voice informs me that the number I have called cannot be reached.

Shame on you NACADA! 

If you have set up a toll free number, let it work, otherwise do the right thing….

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