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Kenyan Food Rocks the World in Dublin

Kenyan food rocked Dubliners and the rest of the world during African day celebrations held in Dublin on  May 16th 2010.

It was the first time I saw real Kenyan food served by true Kenyans in Kenyan style and enjoyed by all and sundry.

Foods that were served on Kenyan stand

A stand selling Kenyan foods

Although the menu was not very diversified, it was pleasing to see typical Kenyan foods on the menu. The fact  the Kenyan staple food and my favourite;Ugali was missing was really inexcusable.

The foods served were:
Pilau  –           € 3       = ~Kshs 300
Mukimo-       € 5       =~Kshs 500
Tandori-        € 4       =~Kshs 400
Mandazi (3) -€ 1       =~Kshs 100
Samosa (2)- € 1.50  = ~Kshs 150
Tea/Coffee – € 0.50 = ~Kshs 50

The foods were priced to reflect typical down town prices in Dublin. I felt they were slightly selling them cheaply. The cheapest meal in any cheap down town restaurant is at least  Kshs. 1000

I do not drink any alcoholic drinks, but it was refreshing to see authentic Kenyan drink on the menu. Those who are not aware, Tusker is an original Kenyan beer brewed by East African Breweries.

A stand selling Tusker beer

Other Kenyan products
The Kenyan stand presented a variety of Kenyan products sold in Ireland and Europe as a whole.

The Outstanding Kenyan brands sold in Ireland include:

Healthy food

  • Roberts Luxury Kenyan Tea
  • Kenyan French beans
  • Kenyan Flowers
  • Carvings

Healthy foods

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